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Face interaction for mobile devices

What is FaceMove?

FaceMove is a new technology that enables mobile devices to recognize and track head user movements and transforms them into actions in your apps. That can be done without any extra-hardware, simply by using your device’s front camera.

Robust and accurate

FaceMove technology offers a robust and accurate head movement tracking and recovers immediately from any users face loss.


Use FaceMove in your games and create new and amazing gaming experiences.


Provide your apps with a new accessibility level.




Integrate FaceMove in your IOS apps in a very easy way.



Integrate FaceMove in your Android apps in a very easy way.

Coming soon



Provide your games with a new accessibility level.

Coming soon


Face Scape

FaceScape is the first game to use the FaceMove Technology. Just move your head to avoid the walls and scape.


SINA is a Project that was born in the Balearic Island University.

Its target is to enable and improve technology access in any scope, to people who have their superior limbs severely limited.

This access is achieved by using computer vision techniques, recognizes the user’s nose tip and following its movement translates it to a position on the screen.

This project include professionals from a diversity of areas like computer Science, pedagogy and special education.


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